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Norfork Lake Condition and Fishing Report by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comment)

These are the biggest ones yesterday.Image title

The lake level is 553.43 and is dropping very slowly with just a little generation. The White River at Newport is 6+ feet and dropping and is getting dry. They are holding the lakes up as high as possible for as long as possible for some unknown reason. They are at a good level now for fishing, launching and parking and day use and it is only the last of October. Good going guys. If they keep this up it looks to be another hold and hope next year. Take it down to 548 and then quit letting out water or hold it as stable as possible until the spring rains come. It has nothing to do with downstream flooding, just management. There is no flooding anywhere now arund here. The water is clearing nicely now and is about where I like it for fishing but needs to be a little better for diving. It was very warm and a little windy when I went out yesterday and the bass were biting in the Middle Pigeon area on main lake points. I caught a flathead on my throw line. I then moved back to the Blackburns Creek area and started catching crappie. Big ones too.  The moon is getting bigger and a cold front is coming through now and we will see what it does to fishing. The highs are to drop from the mid 80's yesterday to the high 50's later this weekend. It is about 65 how and heading south. This is the high for the day. This has been the windiest fall that I have seen in a while here but has stayed warm until now and a lot of fish have been caught so far except for temperate bass. People are wondering if they are still here. I hope so but most of the ones being caught now are small. I know the late summer kill got a lot of them but dock floors full of small dead stripers have not helped things either and the low stocking level this year will not help the future. Many people just come here to catch them. I suppose the pressure will now go to the walleye since they are doing nicely. Not having my friend Harvey Hall out there has increased the crappie population. Big bluegill continue to bite and hundreds of them have been caught off my dock.

Norfork Lake condition, fishing and fall foliage report by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comments)

There is a little fall foliage color but not much.Image title

Kim Marvel from Ewing, Illinois caught one giant crappie yesterday on Blackburns Brush yesterday. One nice fellow. Image title

The lake level is 553.62 and has dropped less than 1/2 inch in the last 24-hours. They absolutely refuse to drop the lake in the fall and winter despite the White River at Newport is now 8-1/2 feet and dropping.  It is about to dry up. They are running less than one generator when they do run. This would be unbelievable for someone who does not work for the government but we do not expect much from them. The water surface temperature was 69 degrees and the wind was light when I went out yesterday and the water is clearing. I have not been going more than 1/4 to 1/2 mile from Blackburns Creek to get about all of the fish that I want. I catch a few, release a few and have no desire to see how many fish that I can kill but like to find places where our customers can catch fish. I keep a few for my friends that are unable to get out anymore. Blackburns brush piles are at perfect depth now and are producing mostly bass, crappie, walleye, catfish and bluegill. Temperate bass are scarce, at least for me, but I do not fish for them much but catch several spooning for walleye. I am now using a Bobby Garland baby shad tipped with a minnow and a 1/4 ounce Bink's spoon only. My entire tackle box fits in my shirt pocket. I caught two bass, four crappie, four bluegill and two walleye and came in and was out about 1-1/2 hours. It was cloudy but very nice fishing conditions. The moon is little and the lake is dropping very slowly so I will try for catfish again. I like to do that. Come on down to Blackburns. We will not charge you too much. It is to get very warm today and for the next couple of days. I like that too. 80 is my favorite number for temperature. The fall foliage is not the best this year but the hillsides are beautiful anyway. The incessant wind has blown a lot of them down but the ones left have some color but mostly brown. There is some yellow and red. Not worth a long drive to see color but is worth a drive to see the beautiful country that we have here in Baxter County no matter what season. 

Norfork Lake Condition and Fishing Report by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comment)

Caught these and several more.Image title

The lake level is 553.66 and has dropped a little more than one inch in the last 24-hours with one generator running about 1/2 the time. The White River at Newport is 9-1/2 feet and they will let it dry up rather than drop the lakes. We need to get it down to at least 548 to make room for the spring rains. I hope the spring rains do not surprise them again this year. They are the only ones that seem to not know they happen. Hold and hope is their motto. The surface water temperature was 69+ when I went out yesterday and it was misting rain with very light wind. Perfect for me. I fished Blackburn's brush piles in about 25-ft. of water casting a jig past them and allowing it to sink into the brush. Again, crappie, bass and bluegill were caught. It was nice to have the wind gone. This is the time of year that I like to fish the best and am happy to be able to go. There was peace and quiet and very few boats. Some guests caught several walleye and reported they were shallow in 14-ft. of water in front of brush piles part way back in the creek.  I was fishing main lake brush only. There is a lot of bait fish at the mouth of Blackburns Creek but I did not stop to check them out since it was getting dark. Good day.

Norfork Lake Condition and Fishing Report by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comment)

Some of yesterday's catch.Image titleImage title

The lake level is 553.78 and has dropped 1-1/2 inches in the last 24-hours. They stopped generating  early this morning for several hours to hold the level up above 553.75 for as long as they could to keep from turning some of the generation authority to the electric company even if they have to nearly dry up the White River at Newport.  We received an inch of badly needed rain last night and it is raining now. It is not good to go into the winter dry. We seem to get some about when we need it. The lake surface temperature is in the high 60's and the lake is clearing again after the turnover. It is cool today but to get back into the 80's later this week. Bass fishing is the best followed by bluegill and crappie with a few walleye being thrown in. Bink is catching some giant smallmouth, Tom Kelly is catching some big largemouth and Mike Eakle is catching mostly crappie and Kentucky bass. Main lake brush piles are producing the most in 25-feet of water with the jigging spoon being the best lure overall (1/4 ounce) with crappie biting on live minnows and jigs also. This is a good time to fish as it always is this time of year and will stay good for several weeks. A few stripers are being caught trolling but they are small and should be left alone. The numbers of big ones are as low as I have ever seen them and will stay that way if 5-9 lb ones are killed. Only a very few were stocked this year and they do not reproduce in fresh water. They are too small to keep anyway. I am seeing almost no White Bass and the ones that I do see are small also. Every once in a while a school of decent ones show up but not often. I sure hope they come back. They are fun to catch. White Bass are for people that cannot catch anything else and trout are for people that cannot catch White Bass.  Ha Ha. Come on down to Blackburns. We will not charge you too much and a free boat stall comes with each cabin. We allow smoking on the covered porches and you do not need an umbrella to smoke out side or get out of the sun.