Spoon Fishing Good

It was a wonderful weekend and it continues today. Blackburns has a lot of nice people in with plenty of children and they report having a lot of fun. Blackburns is your family, fishing and diving headquarters. The lake level is stable with a surface temperature in the mid 80’s. Bink reports he has a few openings and is really on the fish. You go with him either morning or evening and he guarantees fish or you do not pay. That is a pretty good deal and he also has the lowest prices and nicest boat. You can stay at Blackburns, go out with Bink and be back to take the family out on the lake. His prices are for two people. Call 870-499-7384 and learn a lot about fishing Norfork Lake with artificial bait. You do not have to go out at 4AM and catch shad with a throw net and troll around until a fish bites and someone hands you a rod. You can do it on your own and do it again the next day with no special equipment. Come on down.