Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home in the Ozark Mountains Blog. (Click Here For Comments)

Lake level is 560.94 and dropping with both generators running about 1/2 speed. The lake is still stained but good for fishing. Fishing has not been the best lately but some good ones are being brought in. If you want stripers go to the dam with a net early in the morning.  Big walleye often go downstream and deep until there is no oxygen just like the stripers and hang out with them.  I caught a 10-lb. walleye in 90-ft. of water on a Bink's spoon a few years ago during the last fish kill. I really am sorry to lose these big fish. Hard telling how many sank instead of floating. Deep walleye and stripers are easily caught on a spoon in the hottest part of the summer but the organic material in the lake ate up all of the ozygen this year from the flood and killed them. When I went out yesterday the surface temperature was 81 degrees and the thermocline is at 28-feet. You can find it with a fish and temp or camera with temperature on it. The camera also shows you the visibility. Water clarity can be deceptive from the way it looks from the surface. I have had people report clear water and found no visibility 10-15 foot down and there is always a mud line just before the thermocline. Fish are often in or close to it. You can also go scuba diving and feel when the water starts to get cold. I have been diving for many years and rarely find the thermocline below 30-feet and never below 32. This happens when the surface temperature gets 90 or above. It has not done that this year. It should not drop anymore this season. I went to the place where I have been catching walleye for several weeks and they were gone. I did catch some good bass there though. White bass and hybrids are back in the creeks but many are small. Schools of shad are plentiful. I spooned a brush pile at 26-30 ft. and only caught small fish. There are lots of stripers about 6-inches long in Blackburns Resort creek area. Must be from this spring's stockings. The weather has been beautiful and our pool is open. Several guests are taking advantage of Blackburn's low prices. We will not charge you too much. A free boat stall comes with each cabin. Call 870-492-5115