Norfork Lake Fishing Report and Lake Condition by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 553.14 and has risen just a bit with one generator running about 5-hours. The drought is over. We received a total od 3-1/2 inches of rain yesterday and so far today total and it is still raining. It was very dry and the creeks have not run yet but are about to. They are still holding the White River at Newport to 5+ feet and are evidently hoping the lake will get high again since they are doing nothing to stop it. Things sure have greened up and we have had enough. The cold front is following and the full moon is the 20th and it could make for some challenging fishing conditions for the Cystic Bass tournament tomorrow. It is to be sunny and cool. Those boys are up to the tough fishing conditions. I caught fish yesterday but no keeper bass. The fish were biting in the afternoon but it was very cloudy and I did not venture too far from the shed. Several very large bluegill, short bass, small white bass and a few crappie were caught. There is not much better fish to eat than a Norfork lake Bluegill and they are big. A thick slice of buttered bread, pepper and a slice of onion is all you need except for maybe a pale beverage. One sandwich is my limit (not).  It got black from the west just before 4PM and I came in about 5-minutes before it poured. They ask how I can do that almost every time and I do not carry a phone. I do not even know what an ap is. I have not moved into the 20th century yet and have no plans to do so.  We got an inch that time very quickly but not as fast as this morning. Fishermen went out again later and caught some fish before dark. The water surface temperature was 76 degrees even yesterday. We will see what the rain has done to it later. I could see my lure down 5-6 feet on the main lake and less in the creek.  Open water fishing is getting better and needed too. Overall fishing is just fair and is mostly feast or famine. Feast when you find some schooled fish and famine when you do not. Some are acting like they are loading the boat when in actuality are sometimes fishing for days to get some.  No report for days usually means no fish until they are finally found. It is not easy at this time and bass are moving out from the bank and brush to the open water on baitfish. It is good to see some white bass but there are not a lot. I wish there were more like it was. Big largemouth are scarce for me and crappie are getting about as bad. Red meat fish are starting to show up as predicted but I do not fish for them much. We will see how much the lake rises. I do not know how much rain was in the Norfork watershed in Missouri. Local rain does not raise the lake nearly as much. Things are a changin and we have not even had turnover yet. November looks good so far. The crappie that I am catching are deep near the bottom in over 30-ft. of water. Blackburns still has one cabin open for Bass Cat so call Debbie at 870-492-5115 before you have to pay much more someplace else. It will be fun to see the total fish caught tomorrow for the tournament and it is for a good cause. A very good cause. The lake is starting to rise more quickly now.