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I just got back from diving when the rain started. We have missed all of them and it was getting very dry. It rained hard and we got two inches in a little over an hour. Everything is very green and the grass is growing. You can expect very hot weather the first part of August as this always happens here in Arkansas. If it is a surprise to you we need to have a little talk. This is the best garden I have had in 21-years. I am still surprised about the lack of fish on brush piles on the main lake points. All I saw yesterday was a few Kentucky bass and bluegill. There are a lot of shad at the mouths of the creeks on the main lake. Most walleye have left my good places with only a few smaller ones remaining. They will move back in this fall when the crappie do likewise. There are a few bass coming up on the shallow shad very early. Our guests fishing with bink are doing very well on both stripers and walleye. It is very busy here and we like that. Call 1-800-635-0526 for reservations. We will not charge you too much. No duplexes, all cabins have covered porches and we do not charge for most boat stalls or for trolling motors on pontoons. The pool is big as is the pavillion and the yard is big and green with lots of play stations. We have lots of repeat customers.