Norfork Lake Arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region fishing report and lake condition by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

This is what it looks like out my front door. Image title

The lake level is 552.22 and has dropped 4-1/2 inches in the last 24-hours with alternation between one and both generators continually. They must need some power somewhere but the White River at Newport is still 8-1/2 feet. We received about 8-inches of snow total and it was mostly just a snow event thankfully and there was just a little drifting and no power outages. Everything is fine. The light weight snow will not melt down to much water.  It is sunny now with a high pressure front remaining stationary over the area for at least the next week with highs to be in the low 50's after this weekend. Looks good to me. Normal high is 47. It struggled to get over 20 yesterday. It is a perfect time to plant some grass seed with no frost in the ground. I went down to the dock to feed the fish and check on things and all of my boats were full of snow, even on the south side. The wind was mostly from the north but was swirling in Blackburns creek. It just quit snowing a couple of hours ago, the wind is light and it is not bad at all out. I am glad it is over. I did not get a water temperature but am anxious to see how much it dropped. It was 47 on wednesday.  It should also help clear the water. People ask me everyday how does it feel to be copied on everything you do. The answer is it does not bother me at all. Emulation is the highest for of flattery. If you follow you will never get into the lead. I have lived here since 1995 and have been doing fishing reports since 1997 at the request of the webmaster at the time when Gerry Sperry, a striper guide and a good one, died. He did very good reports and I did not feel I had been here long enough to write one. Binks, Harvey Hall and other good fishermen helped me and I have been doing one ever since. If you do a traffic report you will find that they do very little to get traffic to your web site. Facebook users are just preaching to their same friends over and over and that is good. It helps keep your friends aware of what is going on. They just help people get a feel on what is happening on Norfork Lake and that is important. The more the better. I do not pay much attention to what other people do except for the ones helping me get good lake information. Others come and go some even seasonal. There is room for everyone here.  I do not claim to be an expert but do know people that are and I catch a few fish and put in brush piles to help our customers do likewise. My years of Scuba Diving also help know where the fish are and are not located and I do not have to spend much time looking. We are all lucky to live here.