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We did not send out a newsletter this year and used the money for improvements. Cabin #8 is getting a new roof, gutters and trim as we speak. #11 has a new heater and airconditioner. #9, the mobile home, is completely repainted as have all of the cabins  and much work has been done to the pool. The dock has been almost completey refirbished and the boat stalls continue to be free unless you bring your own pontoon as we have 8 of them to rent. All of our cabins have covered porches and we have no duplexes. I am not a fan of duplexes and covered porches are almost a necessity unless you want to set out in the sun or rain. All of our cabins now have flat screened TVs along with 80+ channels of HD cable and WIFi reaches all of them. The lake has gone up and down several times this year but Blackburns has had no diminished services. You can alway gets to our dock. The fishing has held up despite the water fluxuation until now. They are dropping the lake at the rate of about 6-inches a day and the water is an off-brown color and not very clear. The level is now at 565.46 and I expect them to drop it to about 554 if they can to prepare for spring rains. Toby, Paco, Max and Cassidy are fine and are ready for your visit. Steve, Debbie, Susan and Steve will be here to help you God willing. Steve has gone over all of the rental boats and checked them out and they are ready for your use. Many improvements have been made to them too. Please get your deposits in to confirm your reservations of cabins and boats of your choice as we are getting several calls and are filling up fast. We are the first resort to fill up with people taking advantage of our low prices on both cabins and boats. Call Debbie at 1-800-635-0526. See you soon. We appreciate all of our repeat customers and we have a lot of them.

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