Pool from one bedroom cabins. Shows pavillion and basketball courts. Pool is 30x60 and much bigger than most. Image title

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The large swimming pool stays open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all season long.  There is also a kiddie pool for the little ones! The pool tends to be the highlight of many vacations at Blackburn's Resort.    

Yes, it is the simple activities that all ages enjoy together which are most remembered. What starts out seeming like a dull day ends up going by in a flash before you know it. Parents finally get to relax by the pool while the kids get to tear around at full throttle!

We keep our pool very clean. At the beginning of each season we drain it and paint it.  The pool features easy walk-in steps at the shallow end, which is much easier for many than climbing in and out of the water by ladder. The slide is going continuously and the children love it. 


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The pavilion and pool are the center of the resort. All cottages face the pool, which is surrounded by our playstations and outdoor games. The pavilion is at the far end of the pool. The large pavilion is in the perfect location to sit and watch the kids play at the playstations or pool while relaxing in the shade!  Play shuffleboard or ping pong under the pavilion as well.

Countless family and group cookouts have been held in this spot over the last 50-plus years! Grandmas who now sit quietly in the shade can remember when they played here as children. They remember the simple times as the most fun times, which is why they brought their children here.

The pavilion has plenty of picnic tables to handle large groups.  


Run, jump, climb, slide, you name it, the kids can do it here. Most children find themselves over-whelmed with play choices here. Whether they want to swim, swing, play hide-and-seek, climb on the play station, or just plain run like the free spirits they are, they can do it all right near the pavilion and close to the cottages.

Our newest playstation has 20 activities!  On this playstation children can engage in cliff climbs, monkey rings, monkey bars, slides, rope climbs, play in two towers, and 14 other activities. This playstation is near the pool and pavilion. The umbrella table gives parents a relaxing place to watch in the shade.

Our other playstation includes swings, slide, and monkey bars. It's not far from the pool and the resort store so ice cream treats are only a few feet away.

We also have a great sandbox for the little ones, and a large sports field great for soccer, softball, volley ball, horseshoe pits and field hockey.  


Our game room is open 24 hours a day. Use it anytime!  The game room includes a pool table, foose ball, big screen TV, two desk top computers, board games, and cards. Play by yourself, or as many of our guests do, play as couples and parents against kids. Play as early or as late as you wish.

The Blackburns Resort Store has quite a few basic items in stock. But if what you want is not here, there is a Wal-Mart Super Center 5 minutes away with a large grocery store that is open 24/7. There is also a new Dollar General just three minutes from the resort.  Here is a summary of what we have:

Fishing Supplies live bait (night crawlers, shiners, minnows, worms - we have them available all year around), hooks, lures, and the basics of what you need to fish Norfork Lake.

Basic Grocery Items: Ice cream, soda, tooth brushes, charcoal, soap, souvenirs, hats, tee shirts, sweat shirts, and basic sundries.

We also have coin operated washing machines and dryers on site at our laundrymat.  There are also laundrymats about 10 minutes away in Mountain Home.


Blackburn's Resort is a 26 acre official Arkansas State Bird Sanctuary and wildlife haven. Hikers, joggers, and bicyclists enjoy our near traffic-free roads and trails. From early spring through late fall wildflowers grow on, and all around the resort. In the autumn the hardwood foliage is spectacular. And one of the most enjoyable things about this part of Arkansas is that there are very few mosquitoes. You can enjoy all the area natural beauty without fighting a plague of mosquitoes!

Deer, wild turkey, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, woodchucks, chipmunks, red and gray foxes, flying squirrels, and armadillos all live on the property or roam through it on a regular basis. We have three purple martin houses with a healthy martin population.

Also common are blue birds, brown thrashers, all kinds of finches, cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, several species of woodpeckers including piliated woodpeckers, pine siskins, titmice, chipping sparrows, wrens, juncos, red polls, grosbeaks, robins, and many more songbirds. Whippoorwills, mockingbirds, and owls fill the night air with their songs. Hummingbirds are everywhere and we have feeders for them on most porches. They are not afraid of people so you can see them up close. We even have a pair of road runners living on the property!

Butterflies and wildflowers appear from April through early November. Hickory, several species of both white and red oak, sassafras, are just a few of the tree species found along the way. In addition to bird houses we also have placed several feeding stations along the trail. Signs identify tree species and other points of interest.

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