Norfork Lake Conditions and Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat rental On Norfork Lake (Click Here to Make Comments)

The lake level is 561+ and still dropping about 6-inches in a 24-hour period. Some Brush piles are starting to come back into play again finally. Fish are starting to bite again despite the rapid level drop. Our ambient temperatures have been in the high 40's with 50's for the rest of the week with a lot of sunshine. We did have quite a bit of wind but that has diminished. The lake is clearing just a bit but is still a brownish color. I hope the level is stable for the spring spawn.  I still see quite a few people trolling in deep water on shad but they are not catching many. I think their mistake is they are too deep. I am catching fish in 25-30 feet of water. The shad at that depth have more fish on them. With so many shad all schools do not have fish on them especially the deep ones. The birds may help the novice find shad but that is not the problem now. They are solid from Blackburns creek to North of Cranfield. Tom Kelly reports catching all of the white bass he wanted and some stripers in the 15-18 pound range yesterday but they were in 25-ft. of water. I am catching bass back in the creeks in 30-feet of water on the bottom on the grub. Things are getting better and will get good as the level stabilizes and the water clears and turns a stained green. Stripers are moving into the walleye rearing pond area as they normally do before the March night bite. The lake surface temperature is still 48 degrees. It had been a rough couple of weeks for fishing but is getting better now finally. People ask me what are the resort's best improvements for the year. #8 has a new roof, gutters and downspouts, the dock has been refirbished and many new LED light s have been installed in several cabins but the best is cabin #11. The attic has been insulated, several new plug-ins added, new LED lights and now all rooms have their own heaters and airconditioning. It was expensive but I hope you like it. Call Debbie at 1-800-635-0526 for reservations.  Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental still has the best prices on both cabins and boat rentals. Be glad to have you.