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This and several more caught yesterday on a Bink's jigging spoon.Image title

The lake level is dropping about 1-1/2 inches per day depending on how much rain we get and we have been getting some every day. The level is 554.2 heading for 553. I went diving and it did not work out very well. It was cloudy, the visibility was poor and my speargun broke on my first walleye. Long trip for nothing. I have a spare but did not have it with me. I am not seeing a lot of fish but the ones I am seeing are good ones. The mud line is very murky from 23-32 feet but better above and below that. Many fish are at that depth. Now that the holiday traffic is over and the water is not getting churned up and when they get the level stabilized at 553, which is a good level, it should clear up. I know where some crappie are located but it is too far north for any visibility at this time. The visibility increases as you head south.  I am not seeing crappie on my brush but that comes a little later. All of a sudden they will just show up. The white bass on the main lake points have disappeared and all I am getting are walleye. There are reports of shallow catfish but I do not fish the hot water.  It is much harder to get fish diving than with a hook and line and I do a lot of both. Use jigging spoons or drag nightcrawlers on the main lake points at 30-35 feet for the walleye and get out very early for stripers also on the spoon. Use live bluegill for both bass and catfish and crickets for bluegill.