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Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

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Why pay more? Nicest cabins. Free Boat stall. Only one trailer and all have covered porches. No Duplexes. You do not have to stay in a 30-year old trailer. 

We catch the most fish and will help you 
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Big day of fishing on Norfork lake by Scuba Steve and his friends. Night bite on super moon is on. We used to have trader Joe's here but now have traitor Joe. Quit recruiting. Go to another part of the lake or better still go to another lake. No family life? Tom Kelly. Scuba Steve, Binks, Roger Moody and several others all caught fish. We are full now with bass fishermen and did not charge them too much for cabins and boat stalls are free. We like Bass Masters. They release all the fish and do not come during spawn. They are all now pre-fishing but will have to adapt with the cold front coming in. They will.  It was a beautiful day. I am sure 101 Boat dock will take care of the tournament well. Nice people. I caught fish for my friend Leonard Darr, Tom caught fish for Gus and the rest went in the pond. Life is good. Tom and Binks know where the stripers are. Fishing in 70 degrees in december is good. Norfork lake fun.