Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home in the Ozark Mountains Blog. (Click Here For Comments)

It was a beautiful warm sunny day with light wind when I went out mid morning yesterday. The surface temperature was 57 degrees and the lake level was 545.95 They are generating heavily now and have been for three hours. It is sunny and in the mid 50's today with cold weather coming tomorrow. Our normal high is 58. We will see if the cold weather puts any ice cubes in the water. We have had no snow yet this year. This is not the first time temperatures in the 20's has happened here in March. That is why I have been slow starting things up no matter how many flowers are blooming. In 1996 it got down to 8 degrees on the 9th of March and caused me a lot of trouble. It is to stay a bit cooler than normal for the next several days but not much. I like fishing in the 50's. The wind is to move to the north today and then to the east. Fishing was slow until about 3-Pm when the wind picked up and they started to bite. I caught bass and crappie on main lake points and main lake cuts on the grub. It was nice to be out and alive. I caught no big fish but several keepers. I do not keep fish this time of year due to the spawn except to put in the trophy pond. It is about time to put in a trot line. Saturday looks to be a bad weather day but I will give it a try anyway. I am on my way out now. They can stop dropping the lake anytime now. They have my permission. Fishing is by no means fast but you can catch some if you keep trying. I just refuse to go out there and troll atound for hours looking for open water fish and burn up gas. The fish I am catching are a bit shallower and in 16-18 feet on brush. Spooning has slowed way down.