Norfork Lake Conditions and fishing report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental Near Mountain Home (click here for comments)

Caught on Bink's spoon yesterday.Image title

It was a beautiful day for fishing yesterday. Cloudy, warm with light wind. Mike Eakle caught 6-crappie, white bass, bass, bluegill and put 13 total keeper fish in Tom Kelly's trophy pond. Thanks Mike. It is windy today with highs in the 70's this morning with a cold front moving in this afternoon. I will be drifting a grub today. Lake level is 552.37 and stable with just enough generation to keep up with the river inflow. Bink caught some nice bass on his spoon yesterday and Scuba steve caught crappie, bass and white bass. I do not care about white bass but they were on the brush at 25-30 ft. with the crappie. The bass were on the medium steep banks at 12-ft. and caught on the grub. There were all kinds. About 1/2 were small. The larger ones are starting to move out of the open water to bank and are on their normal fall banks. I caught 5 nice ones on my favorite bank for the first time this fall. The sea gulls are back so the open water bird fishermen can now find the shad. Some fish are coming up but if you are depending on that for catching fish you will be disappointed most of the time. There are many schools of shad and most of them do not have fish under them. Unless something drastic happens the fishing on Norfork will be good for years to come. The fish kill this year has hurt the big striper population a bit and most of the fish are smaller than normal but the overall population is up. There are lots of fish in this lake.