Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 551.53 and dropping a little less than 2-inches in the last 24-hrs with several hours of generation. The river level at Newport is just a couple of feet so they can do what ever they want. This is a good level for early December and I would like it to be below 550 going into the spring to allow for surge. The surface temperature is still 59 degrees and stable with warm days. It is to stay warm for several days and then cool off drastically for the beginning of the Bass Masters later in the week on Wednesday so plan on highs a little below 50. It is to be 60's and sunny with light winds for a few days and should make for some comfortable fishing. Tom Kelly came by yesterday with his limit of good sized Hybrids and cleaned them for Gus.  Thank you Tom. I have been putting all of my fish in the pond and do not want to kill bass, walleye or crappie. I am glad the game and fish are continuing to stock Hybrids since they provide a good alternative to stripers when they get scarce and they do. Just wait until the water gets cold. Hybrids are very easily caught and pull harder pound for pound than about anything and seem to be less susceptible to dying. The game and fish are putting out a survey now about stopping the 20-inch minimum for stripers in the summer. They do not think the stripers numbers are affected much by the kills but I do. Some float and some sink. I do not know the ratio of this but think more sink. They want it to be all stripers are kept during the months of August and September. No culling. Catch three and quit. I agree but think it should be extended to July. I believe the numbers of stripers in the 20-lb. and above range are down substantially and would like to see more stocked for a few years until it catches up.  There are plenty of shad to support them. They are everywhere. I am surprised the catfish are as active as they are this late in the year. Several are being caught off the bottom spooning near brush. Mostly channels and nice ones too. It is December and no winter yet. It can stay that way for all I am concerned.  Like it 50 for fishing cloudy with light wind from the west. Leave the snow for people who like it.