Norfork Lake Arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region Fishing report and Lake Condition by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort an Boat Rental.

Mike with some nice ones yesterday afternoon Scuba Diving in 37-ft. of water on a main-lake point.Image title

The lake level is 553.72 and has dropped 1-inch in the last 24-hours with 12-hours of running 3/4 of a generator. The White River at Newport is 4.76 feet an they are keeping it almost stable at that very low level. The surface water is 76+ degrees in the early morning an 77-degrees in the afternoon sunshine. I have been pole fishing in the morning cool weather and Scuba Diving in the afternoons after it warms up. The weather has been perfect but we have had no rain since Sept.6th and it is very dry causing some of the fall foliage leaves to turn brown an blow off in the wind prematurely. I hope the color is better than last year but it is hard to tell yet. We received just over 2.5 inches of rain in September but none now for almost a month.  I do not make very many predictions and just report what I see. This morning there was a top-water bite for Largemouth Bass and some good ones too. I just happened to see them while heading for a deeper brush pile and caught and released several. I keep some Kentucky Bass not not Black Bass.  After that I found fish schooled in 80-ft. of water 40-ft. down and they were hitting the spoon at the mouth of Hensley's creek on shad outside the brush on the deep drop-off where it gets deep quick.  Different species of fish were all together.  There are a lot of fish right at or just under 40-ft. after the top-wate bite is over. If you can find brush in 37-40 ft. of water there will be fish on it. Other than that there are still a lot of fish in the shallower brush at 16-18 feet. The weather and lake conditions are perfect for a fishing trip to Blackburns which is the home of the $59/day 1-bedroom cabins and they come with a free stall for your boat. No we are not closed, on vacation or for sale here. I do not know where those rumors are coming from but they must be getting us mixed up with someone else. I have no intensions of selling this place and will pass it off to my family and have no reason to vacation elsewhere. I like it best here and seldom leave town. No reason for it.