Steve "Scuba" Street's BLOG


Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 579 even and has come up just a bit as they quit generating last night. The surface temperature is in the early 80's and rising and the clarity is not very good with all of the boats churning up the water.  It is very busy out there. I picked up a boat that was being serviced and went to Panther Bay to launch it. I saw one truck blocking the road loading up all of their stuff, another blocking the launch area removing their cover, one that had launched but forgot to put in the plug and pulled out again blocking the launch to drain the boat, one that lost her boat keys after launching the boat, one that would not start and was blocking the courtesy dock and another that was on fire and needed an exringuisher that finally pulled out. I waited about an hour and finally launched. People really must want to get out there for a day use bad. The whole thing was a cluster bomb. The lake was very busy though and I was happy to get out of it. There is still some debris out there and I do not recommend being out after dark.  People have just been pent up too long and want to get out. Scuba Spearfishing season starts tomorrow and I am usually excited but will wait for the thermocline to get out of the trees. A lot of fish are in the 20-ft. range and I do not like jumping down into brush and locust trees. You will have to jump into about 40.ft. of water and work your way in and maneuver around the stuff. If you go in off rocky bluffs there is no brush but not very many fish either. We will see what happens. Watch out for dive flags and give them a big birth. The main thing is to be safe while having a good time. Fishermen are getting stripers and bass on top water most days just about sunrise for about an hour and then the fish are going deeper to about 80 feet and are being caught on a jigging spoon. Catfish are biting on live bait on both limb lines and jugs and bluegill and a few crappie are being caught off docks. Trollers are catching a few red meat fish with live bait after they move off the bank and out of the brush.