Norfork Lake Arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region Fishing Report and Lake Condition by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

Caught fishing with Bink's Guide Service. Image title

The lake level is 553.25 and has been the same for three days with no discharge. The White River at Newport is 8.29 feet and dropping and the three inch rain last week has worked it's way through the system. The surface water temperature was 66+ degrees in the bright sunshine when Scuba Steve came in last evening and appeared clear from the surface and I could see my lure down over 5-feet. The overall fishing got worse, if that was possible, with the cold front but is improving after the high pressure has been here for a few days. It has been really cold until today but the water temperature only dropped a little less than 4-degrees from before the cold came in.  It went from ambient temperatures of a high of 80-one day to a high of 45-three days later and the north wind was cold like a January Day.  I went out everyday but was not happy about it. I was just not willing to admit another summer was over. The weather looks to be about perfect this weekend and early next week until the next chance of rain in the middle of the week. The people talking about how magnificent the fall foliage is must be looking somewhere else or just trying to get you here. Do not come for beautiful views of leaves. It is still nice as always but the fall foliage is a dud. There is some color out there but not much compared to other places. The wind blew a lot of the leaves off already and there is a lot of brown. I guess you just get ruined after seeing fall in Maine, New Brunswick and Vermont. Maybe it is good here compared to Texas and Arizona. It is not a big deal for me one way or another. I am just ready for the fish to start biting again a little better. I am catching a few but not much to brag about. When you see striper fishermen crappie fishing you know fishing is not the best but crappie are the best bite right now especially right over the brush at 18-30 ft. of water with a live minnow an a slip float. A few are being caught on artificial. The Smallmouth  bite is improving and the Kentucky Bass are still the Bass mainstay. I was getting some big largemouth on a main lake point just before the cold front and they should not have moved. I am heading out to check things right now and will let you know. Blackburns Still has one bedroom cabins for $59/day and two bedrooms for $79. Come on down and we will not charge you too much and your first boat stall is free. All cabins are individual with no duplexes and all have big covered porches to get out of the weather.We are open all year and are per friendly. Debbie lost her cat Max. She loved that scroungy, old yellow tom cat and I did not mind having him around either.