Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

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The lake level is 571.74 and has dropped 3/4 inch in the last 24-hours with generation about 70% of the time. We received about 0.8 inches of badly need rain yesterday and it was cloudy and came slowly and all of it sank in with no wind. We were a little below average for rainfall for the month of june and there is no reason  to keep the area lakes up so high for so long. They must just like it that way. Just a couple of feet drop would do a lot of good but they refuse to do so. Fishing was a little better with the clouds  and cooler weather yesterday. The surface water temperature is still in the mid 80's and it looks to be very nice weather for the holiday unlike Memorial Day. If the number of phone calls for cabins and boat rental is any indication, it will be very busy on Norfork lake. The traffic in town is already building and it is like a big city at around 5:Pm. Not much has changed with regards to fishing and the main lake is very clear and the creeks vary day by day but are mostly clear. The boat raffic will churn things up and drop clarity, especially on mud and gravel banks. Diving conditions will get better after the holiday and things have a chance to settle out again. I am ready for the 4th to be over already. Better get out there early and get a stall somewhere to park your boat or otherwise you will be going a mile to park your trailer and a long wait to launch. Things will be better Monday morning.