Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 555.92 and rising and headed for 556+. The creeks have quit running but much water is still flowing from the hillsides. We received about 2.4 inches of rain total but the sun is shining now and it is to be warm with highs in the 60's for the next four days. The people managing the lakes are totally incompetant and they all need to be fired. They have had four months to lower the levels, refused to do so and now are blaming the rainfall. I will move my dock in again today and others should check theirs. The level is not bad now but we are one rain away from having problems and that is where they seem to like to keep us. The highest month for amount for rainfall last year was February. The fishing has been about the same and ranges from fair to medium depending on when the fronts are passing through and how long the high pressure has been here. The cold fronts and high pressure fronts slow it down a bit but then it improves until the next one. Bass, crappie and white bass continue to be the best bite. Spoons and grubs are the best bait. Try to stay right on the brushpiles in 25-28 ft.