Norfork Lake fishing report and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Rich from Benton, Illinois released this nice bass under Blackburns Dock. He and Kim are good fisher people and better friends. Image title

The lake level is 562.08 and has risen about six inches in the last 24-hours. It is stable when they generate but rises when they don't. There has been no generation since last evening. They have the White River now at 26-feet at Newport which is flood stage and are generating Table Rock as fast as they can and supplementing the discharge with flood gates to keep Branson Landing from getting high. The rest of the area lakes are rising and do not expect them to drop much anytime soon with more rain coming Sunday and Monday. There is some debris on the lake with an occasional big one but mostly small. If you try to go out after dark you will hit something. Just take it easy during the day.  Blackburns is full now with people taking advantage of the best prices on both cabins and boat rentals in the area and most are catching fish. The carp are spawning back in Blackburns Creek and that is a sign that the threadfin shad are also spawning and the top-water bite is on with surface water temperatures in the early to near mid 60's. You can catch a lot of bass now with a spitin image or a Zara Spook Puppy. Lizards and crawdad creature baits are also still working on light jig heads in the brown water near the shore for bass. Some Black Crappie have spawned but others are still full of eggs. Slip floats about 8-9 feet  down over brush with minnows are also working. I have not seen very many spawned out White Crappie yet and just a few bass. The spawn might still work out if the rain coming does not raise the lake much but it will be harmed if it does. They get tired of moving the beds and just squirt out unfertilized eggs into the open water.  There are still many places where the water color is good and you can get out of the brown water. Brown warms up faster than clear water and it is darkest as you get further back in the creeks and that is where the shad, bass, crappie and carp are spawning. The lake is up a total of five feet since it's low of 557 earlier. Walleye continue to bite and some are on main lake points near brush which is getting too deep again. Pre-spawn bluegill are starting to bite and catfish are back in the creeks. It is an exciting time and things are changing daily. Come on down. We will not charge you too much and Police and Veterans are especially welcome at Blackburns. We are the family and fishing headquarters for Norfork Lake. We will keep our prices low for you while continuing to upgrade. We were voted the most improved and best value in the area for the second year in a row.