Norfork Lake Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home In the Ozark Mountains (Click Here for Comments)

The lake level is still rising a bit with no generation. I thought they would start up at least one in preparation for the rain expected next week. It is 553.68 and has come up an inch since yesterday. The surface temperature is still just under 50 on the main lake and a bit higher in the creeks. I went out last evening and stayed after dark to see if the stripers were on the spawning bank yet as they should have been for several days. i was really looking for walleye returning from spawning but did not find any. There were some stripers on the bank and I caught some on the stick bait but they were only in the 7-8 lb. range. My night vision is not what it used to be but the water was calm and easily fished. I do not like to go out fishing once and make a report but I have been watching for the fishing trends every day and want you to be the first to know. If I liked night fishing I would come just before and just after the full moon which is the 23rd of March. The larger fish should move in and with a good chance of catching walleye just before dark. Norfork's walleye numbers are excellent and you can go out about 5:PM and fish for them until dusk and fish stripers on a stick bait until about 10:pm and have a good time. This is the first time I have recommended good fishing for several weeks and do not want people to come here and be disappointed. It sure makes a big difference on bass fishing if there is a 10-15 mile an hour wind from the south if they are biting or not.  Go to the banks that the warmer water is blowing into part way back into the creeks around any structure.  When the water gets to the mid 50's everything will get very good as the fish are there. It looks to be rainy next week and I always like to be out there when the low pressure starts to move in and the winds begin. I stay until it starts to rain. Good luck. The stripers simulating a spawn like a clear night with the full moon shining with a bit of wind blowing in  and are on long flats on either sides of points or just inside. Stay as far from the bank with your boat as you can cast to shore and crank your 5-inch suspending stick bait to the bank, Crank it down about 3 or 4 turns and reel it in slowly just enough for the lure to work. Make sure the lure is running true before it gets dark.  The same fish will be on steeper banks in deeper water during the day but do not bite as well. Use spoons then.  Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental has the best prices on both Cabins and Boat Rentals On Norfork Lake and do not charge for boat stalls.  1-800-635-0526