Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is now over 553.60 and still rising with no generation. The White River level at Newport is now at 7-feet (nearly dry) and heavy rain is coming. There is absolutely no reason for this except for bad management. Let some water out boys and show some anticipation. It rains in the spring. Get us down to 550 and get some surge capacity into the system. The weather is still cool, especially at night and the lake surface temperature is staying stubbornly low. It is not over 50 in the Big Creek area and has been 55 in the Red Bank area for several weeks. Bink tried the night bite for stripers and had no luck. The 31st is the blue moon and I still say the stripers will move to the bank to simulate a spawn at night by then. They will do it sometime for sure. The walleye and crappie being caught are still full of eggs as are the bass. April 15th is when the top-water bite usually happens on a regular basis. The big bluegill and catfish have moved in under Blackburns Dock and that is a good sign. When the big schools of smaller ones move in shallow is what I look for to indicate the male crappie are on the bank in the Pigeon Creek and Briar Creek area, which has some of the best crappie fishing on the lake. Fishing is not the best now but a few brush piles are still holding fish that have not been caught off. Some places hold some bigger fish all year, and when they are caught they are gone. Others serve as temporary places for roaming fish and can be full of them or empty.  That is where the night fishing with a light becomes very effective and draws in the shad and fish chasing them. Things are getting better and the lake is in excellent condition. We just do not need a gully washer and no generation and we do need some nights with lows in the 60's. The lake is not brown anymore but is still green and you cannot see your lure down very far. I try to match up my bait color with the water. Stained water use green and clear water use a white or very light coor. The dark blue spoon is working the best for me now and has for two months.