Cloudy and Warm With Good Fishing Conditions and the Lake is still Dropping.

Joe Cebula With a Good One. They released all Fish Today.Image title

Rich Dupuy With Some Of Yesterday's CatchImage title

There were a lot of boats out yesterday. I was not aware of any fishing tournaments maybe just the warm weather. When you see a lot of older Champion boats with a lot of new stuff on them it is usually a tournament. The local boys like those Champions. I do too. Now that Bass Pro has taken over Ranger and Cabellas they about controll all of the outdoor sports. I am not sure that is good. At least some of the former top executives at Ranger do not think so. I started about noon and fished until dark and it was slow but caught some good fish. A lot of fish of most speces are still in open water on shad and are not having any trouble finding food. If you catch them feeding you will catch fish and if not it can be tough. Going out one or two times and catching fish does not mean they are in a certain pattern or they are in a frenzy and jumping in the boat. That certainly has not been the case for me lately but I am catching some good fish. Joe Cebula and Rich Dupuy are back and catching fish as normal.  They are good fishermen and I am always glad to see them. Welcome back Rich. This is better than Florida. If you are trying to catch bass on the bank, it is tough. They move in just before dark and bite for just a few minutes and then quit. Look for open water fish and keep spooning or spoon or jig right in the brush which is coming back into play with the water dropping so fast. They are still generating 24/7 and dropping over four inches a day. They need to. The surface temperature was 58 degrees yesterday afternoon. Joe: Gus says thanks for the fish.