Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is dropping more quickly with one generator running continuously and 5 spillway gates open 1-ft. to release water without going through the other generator. I am glad the lake is dropping but question why they are wasting the water and the money. I think it might be to test the gates. They did it at Table Rock a few days ago.  The lake level is 559.50 and has dropped over 4-inches in the last 24-hours. We will see what they do when the 15th gets here and they are susposed to regulate the level at Newport to 14 feet.It is over 21 feet now. We need to be at 552. Fishing was difficult yesterday unless you were fishing for white bass and cannot catch anything else.  They are quite easily caught now on spoons and rooster tails and a few smaller hybrids are mixed with them as usual. Big stripers are still scarce. Carp are moving to the back of creeks to get ready for spawn. The water will just not warm up. The weather is to be warm for a few days and then get cold again with a low pressure moving in Friday and a cold front Sunday. You know the fish are looking for warmer water and the shallow parts of the creeks warm more quicly and they cool more quickly in the fall. I am seeing no bass on beds yet but the water is very stained green. The very edges of the creeks are clearing a bit, but I am not into sight fishing on beds.  The male crappie want to move to the creeks bad but I am not finding any there yet. The ones I am catching are still on the places that they have been all winter. The calendar is causing the fish to get more active rather than the water temperature. I wish the Bass Catters well and good weather but Friday does not look good. Maybe the forecasters are wrong. I do not think spinner baits and crank baits will win this tournament. Grubs for smallmouth are working pretty well. Norfork has a lot of 4-lb. smallmouth. I saw some white bass coming up in the back of Blackburns creek last evening. It is not warm enough for the shad to spawn though.