Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home in the Ozark Mountains Blog. (Click Here For Comments)

It may be the first day of fall but you would never know it here. Highs to be near 90 for the next few days. The lake is still dropping and finally broke 557 and is now 556.95 with both generators running at about 1/2 speed. I will not try to lure you here with reports of great fishing. A lot of small bass are being caught and a few crappie. Walleye fishing is fair on main lake brush at less than 30-feet near the bottom on a spoon. The striper class of 7-8 pounds seems to be the worst hit by the fish kill.  It will leave a hole in the year they are susposed to be big. Many people were catching that size before the kill and now several hundred of them are gone at least. All other speces will do well with all of the cover after the flood and a low mortality rate. Scuba divers got very few with the reduced visibility and not nearly as many were caught in May and June as normal. Several small walleye were also floating in the dam area but none around here. The oxygen comes in with the river flow and the conditions get better the closer to the mouth of the river you get and it takes a long time to get to the dam. The flow caused by the generation is helping.  This is about as poor fishing as I have seen the last part of September and it will not get better when the lake starts to turn in October. I bet I will be catching a lot of fish in November especially about Thanksgiving time unless something drastic happens. There are a lot of bait fish in the creeks and the small bass are feeding on them big time. You can catch some good fish if you know what you are doing but there will be a lot of smaller ones in between. The lake is perfect for boating and swimming. Learn how to spoon brushpiles for best results or cast or drift a tipped grub over them. Tom Kelly caught some good crappie and bluegill yesterday and put them in the pond. No big ones yet and not high numbers.  13-1/2 is the biggest one I have caught this summer and not very many of them. Mostly 9-11 inches. They are there though. Blackburns has several good fishermen in this week and we will see. The pool is open and the price is $53/day for a one bedroom cabin.