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Dennis Byrd with some good ones caught yesterday. All were released.Image title

The surface temperature has dropped back down to below 52 again and the level has dropped to 546.60 with heavy generation for several hours a day. It is to get into the 70's tomorrow with a good chance of rain. The crappie are on brush on the main lake in 20-30 feet of water. Lots of them and big ones too. If it is windy drift a jig or grub over the brush and use your trolling motor to go past them again from the other way. If it is not windy use a slip float and minnow or a 1/4 ounce Bink's spoon right over them. Set the float about 9-feet deep. Use the spoon as near the top of the brush as you can get without getting hung up. I am catching big ones every day but they are finicky and either move or stop biting after catching a big one. I rig my slip float with a bobber stopper, glass bead, balsa pencil float, split shot and a #4 red true turn hook. All work just switch back and forth after they have seen one for a while. Put the bigger minnows on the red hook and the smaller ones on the grub. Change minnows when they get tired.