Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Caught yesterday fishing with Bink. Big fish.Image titleImage title

The lake level is 574.04 and has dropped 1-inch in the last 24-hours with a little more generation. The White River at Newport is now 13-feet and dropping quickly despite very little discharge. They will reach that magical number of 12-feet barring any big rains and should start dropping Norfork in a couple of days. At least they were able to keep it up high through the 4th. I went diving yesterday and the conditions were pretty good. The surface temperature was 84 degrees and the visibility was about 8-feet with cloudy skies. It would have been better with sunshine. The thermocline is still at 20-feet and has not changed for a couple of weeks. I still am not seeing very many fish but the ones thet I am seeing are good ones. Bink is really catching some good ones deep on his many shad spoon. He took out the Straatman crew and they had a good time and caught a lot of fish. Glad they went. Nice people and they are welcome here. Bink is one good fisherman. There is also a top water bite most days early for bass near the bank. Blackburns still has one cabin open. We fill up and then get a cancellation. Come on down.  We will not charge you too much.