Norfork Lake Condition and Fishing Report by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 553.54 and is rising very slowly with no generation to speak of. The White River at Newport is at 5+ feet. The lake surface water temperature was 67 when I went out yesterday afternoon and 66.5 in the shady water when I came in just before dark. The cool nights with ambient temperatures below the surface water temperature is creating  very foggy conditions until about 8:45 AM. It used to be 9:45 until the time change last night. It is not safe to be out there until then and you are not only putting yourself but others in danger if you do. It is very thick and hard to tell which direction sound is coming from. There were some out there yesterday and this morning but I  advised our customers to wait until it cleared. As long as we have warm days and cool nights it will continue. It always happens in November until the water cools which is a little slower this year. The wind was light and it was sunny and warm and good to be out. The first brush pile that I went to had fish all over it but nothing would bite except bluegill. It is fun to catch them and they are nice sized for dinner but I was looking for crappie. They were there but not biting. They started biting about an hour before sunset and continued until almost dark when I came in. Several were caught but only four of the largest ones were kept along with a few bluegill for a friend who asked for some. A couple of nice Kentucky Bass were also caught and a short walleye. It was a very enjoyable afternoon with light boat traffic. A 1/4 ounce Bink's jigging spoon was used exclusively in the light wind straight down and the fish mostly hit on the drop near the bottom. 26-28 ft. brush seemed to be the best depth. I tried a brush pile back in the creek but it was too shallow with no fish. They will be there later though especially when it gets cold and they feed and come up shallow in the evening. I am still not getting any big largemouth bass but the smallmouth fishing is picking up. You will start seeing many more of them soon. Many baitfish are on the bank and shallow just at sunset and there is a little top-water action part way back in the creeks but the fish are not very big. Some red meat fish are being caught and it should get better as the full moon approaches. It is only crescent sized now but will be full on the 19th. Just before that will be the best. People catching them now are fishing long and hard to get a few and some of the Hybrids are pretty good sized in the 7-8 pound range but the stripers are small. White Bass are mixed in size with most being small but a few larger ones are with them. There are much less schools of them than in the past. The next few days should continue to have nice weather before the next cold front comes through. The water seemed to be a little clearer yesterday and is an excellent color for fishing with visibility down to about 5-6 feet depending on the amount of sunshine. Fishing overall is still just fair.