Cooler with Rain Tonight and Tomorrow and Back in the 70's Next Week

I left out a little earlier last evening with a lot of sunshine. I was testing reports that big bass have moved to the bank. I spooned brush and caught some nice crappie until the east facing banks got shadowy and switched to a grub and worked a couple of my favorite banks that always hold fall fish and could not catch any big ones. Switched to a spoon and caught a very nice Hybrid Striper about 6-lbs. and a striper about the same size in 30-feet of water on the bottom on two different main lake points.  They are still scattered. Some white bass are schooled and in the back of the creeks but most are small. Keep a lookout for top water fish in the evening and morning. Shad are everywhere and many of the schools are holding nothing but white bass. Open water fishing is not the best yet and your best bet is to learn how to spoon right in brush without getting hung up or if you do how to get it loose. I am using the same spoon for a week and have been hung dozens of times and like to fish the bottom. If you do not like to spoon use a slip float straight over the brush 12-feet down with a minnow. Use a marker buoy and stay exactly on the brush with your trolling motor against the wind. I like to bass fish on the bank with a grub just before dark but they are just not there yet. At least near My area. When this happens crappie will be with them and walleye too. If you are staying at a place where you are nearly the only customer you are probably paying too much for both cabins and boat stalls. I work too hard for my money to give it away.