Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home Blog. (Click Here For Comments)

I went diving this morning and it was cool and overcast. It has rained a bit everyday and everything and is very green but the lake is still dropping about 2+ inches a day and is at 553.79 heading for 553 at least. This is a perfect level. It is to be in the low 90's or less with a 20% chance of rain everyday next week. It has been very humid. We have had a bit of rain every morning and afternoon for a week but not too much. It comes before the sun comes up and again in the heat of the day at 3-4 PM.  We are not too wet and it is better than dusty and brown. I am not seeing a lot of fish but am diving in 34-40 ft. to find the larger walleye. I got two nice ones in the three pound range and that was all. They are singles and I have found no schooled fish like Bink has. There is little visibility in the 24-30 ft. range where a lot of fish are. Especially smallmouth bass but most of them are small. I did not see any white bass and a couple of weeks ago they were numerous. A lot of giant carp.  The thermocline is at 24-feet and the surface temperature is in the mid 80's which is just right for swimming and water sports. I am trying to get our customers to get their kids and grand kids to take up skiing instead of dragging them around in chaise loungers and some are doing it. Skiing is getting to be a lost art.  It is more fun and requires more exercise and they can be proud when they excell. I do enjoy scuba diving and spearfishing and never get tired of it. You can rent gear for a very reasonable price to try it out and see if you want to buy your own. Everyone should at least try it. It seems there is less and less of it going on also. Arkansas is one of the few states where you can spearfish and it was one of the reasons why I moved here 21-years ago. The other was no mosquitoes. I have never seen one at Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental. Give us a call at 1-800-635-0526 and join the fun. We will not charge you too much.