Norfork lake Arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region Fishing Report and Lake Condition and Fishing Report by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

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The lake level is 555.95 and has dropped 2/3 of an inch in the last 24-hours. They are in a pattern of having spillway gates open just a little continuously and running the one operating generator for about 4-hours in the mornings. They are running one now. The surface water temperature is 47-degrees and dropped just a little with the small amount of cold snown falling into it. It is all gone now with the ambient temperatures in the 50's today and warmer tomorrow with bright sunshine and light winds.There will not be a shad kill this year due to cold water and there are a lot of baitfish out there. Bass fishing is fair and crappie fishing has slowed but I am catching one or two with the bass. The big crappie will spawn earlier than normal this spring. The walleye have not moved back down stream from the spawn run but should before March 1st.  Few fish eat better than Norfork Lake Walleye and Crappie out of cold water but Kentucky Bass, Bluegill and Flathead Catfish are not far behind. If you are not staying at Blackburns this is the time to start watching for other's price increases. Blackburns will have no price increases for 2024 and continues to have the best place and the best prices in the Ozarks. Loyalty is only good if they do not get their hands in your pocket and raise prices on you. It is only one way. No we are not for sale. Compare prices and give Debbie a call at 870-492-5115 for a reservation.We want our repeat customers to have an affordable vacation and show our appreciation by not raising prices on them. If you have extra money and want to spend it stay at Blackburns and give the rest to Disabled Veterans not to pay for someone's vacation.