Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Caught on a Bink's Jigging Spoon Yesterday.Image title

The lake level is 572.43 and has dropped 1-inch in the last 24-hours. They quit generating last evening and it is still down. The White River at Newport is now 12.5 feet. I guess they are holding the level up so it will still be there for the next holiday and if the tropical depression in the gulf trends north of Louisiana to Arkansas bringing rain they can really get it up there. I have a four month old grand daughter that could manage the lakes better. It is dry here and we could use some rain. I went diving yesterday and the conditions are the same as last week. I did not go last week do to the holiday. Some of the people out there think a dive flag is a target. There have been jet ski operators go directly over me and try to grab the flag as they go by before. It was much better yesterday with low boat traffic. The thermocline is still 20-feet and the visibility is about 10-feet in the sunshine. Just right for spear fishing. I still am having trouble finding very many walleye but the ones that I see are good ones. Going to try a different place today. My brush piles are all too deep and the fish are scattered in the buckbrush with plenty of cover. Stripers, hybrids, bass and bluegill are the best bite now. Get out there early and watch for fish coming up and then find shad and use the jigging spoon for red meat fish and a shakey head worm near the bank for bass. Bluegill are under docks and around flooded willows. Crappie and walleye are scarce except at night under docks with a light.