Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 553.42 and has actually dropped a bit with 3 or 4 hours of generation in the morning and a couple of more in the afternoon. The brown water is clearing a bit but it has taken a long time. Fishing is spotty. One day you catch them and the other you have trouble. That is not uncommon for March. The water temperature is slow rising and the nights are still cool. It has been in the mid 50's for three weeks in the creeks and lower on the main lake. The warm rain is the only thing that raised the water temperature, not the weather.  The wind changes from the south to the north almost daily and then back again. The fish are getting a little more active though. One day I catch 6 or 7 crappie and a couple of bass and the next no bass and 4-crappie. Nothing is biting great. The red meat fish I am catching are mostly loners and I am not seeing big schools. The old idea of find the bait find the fish is not working very well. There are just too many schools of shad with no fish on them. I would rather fish brush and not chase shad around all day. I am not much on trolling, but if you troll and umbrella or live bait long enough through shad you will catch some fish. I prefer vertical jigging a spoon or casting a grub over the brush and let it sink. Both are working. A few bass are being caught on the bank on spinner baits and wiggle warts. Many are Kentuckys and are barely 12-inches. The large bass are mostly still in open water. The stripers are mostly small and the hybrids are easier to catch. I am glad they are still stocking hybrids. They almost quit. They are mostly with the white bass when the stripers get scarce. I have not caught a keeper walleye in two weeks. You can still get a 1-bedroom cabin for $53/day with no duplexes and all have covered porches. We do not charge for the first normal sized boat stall and have stalls of all different sizes. We do not charge for trolling motors on pontoons and have 11pontoons to choose from. You can get a 24-ft. with a trolling motor for $105/day. If you are staying at a place where you are nearly the only customer you are paying way too much. Some are raising their prices again the end of this month for spring but Blackburns does not. You can save a bunch here with out downgrading.  Why pay more?