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The lake is dropping quickly now with one generator and one flood gate open. It is 555.36 and dropping 3-4 inches per day. The thermocline is about 24 feet and the mud line goes from there to just past 30-feet. A lot of my brush is in the mud line which is good for fishing but not for diving. If it is a cloudy day the visibility is bad and on sunny days it is acceptable. It looks clear from the surface but when you get down past 22-feet it deteiorates quickly until the cold water. The walleye have moved off my favorite spot and I have to find another one. Bink is catching big fish everyday.No catch no pay. Blackburns has one opening starting tomorrow. 1-800-635-0526


Scuba Steve
Posted: 12:35 pm 06/30/2016
The striper start at daylight and the walleye start at 8AM. Do not be late. Caught this morning. 870-499-7384 No catch no pay.