Warm Weather in February on Norfork Lake

It is to Hit the 50’s Thursday and Near 60 for Sunday. Bink and I are going out Thursday morning. We will be on KTLO radio for his weekly live in the boat show at 8:45 in the morning at 97.9 FM. I am anxious to see where he takes me as I have only been crappie and bass fishing all winter. I will take three baits only: Jerk bait, green stingray grub and Binks Spoon. It is time to get out the jerk baits. The surface temperature is 37 in the creeks and 38 on the main lake. Most of the ice on the creek shores is gone and will be by Thursday. The lake level is 552.17 and dropping slowly with several hours of generation daily now. The snow that is left is melting slowly with temperatures barely reaching freezing in the middle of the day. The country roads are still not good but the main roads are clear and it is clear to Blackburns Resort but we are only 1/2 mile off Highway 62. The school busses are still on the snow routes as of today. Blackburns Dock received no damage from the early December Ice and is ready for your visit. Spring fishing looks to be good. The fish are there. If you are not staying at Blackburns Resort you are paying too much.