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Dave Carnefix is a good fisherman and we are always happy to see him here at Blackburns Resort and Boat rental.Image title

Dave Carnefix from West Plaines, Missouri caught These YesterdayImage title

I went diving this morning and the visibility has improved just a bit. The lake has dropped to 553.11 and they are still generating. Now my brush piles that were too deep are now right in the mud line where the visibility is poor. It is pretty clear down to 23 feet but there are no big fish there. I saw some bass schooled at 28-ft. and a few walleye near brush at 27-30 feet. Many small fish of all kinds are in shallow water. I am still not seeing any white bass or crappie. Bluegill have moved to the brush at the thermocline and that is good news as the crappie will follow.  I will check out a crappie place tomorrow and see if they have moved in. The thermocline is still at 24-feet and it is cold at 30 with the mud line in between. Pretty good visibility at 34 feet but the brush is above that. I have been traveling south to fish but will check out the visibility closer where there are more fish if I can see them.  This has been a challenging year for diving but I have got some very nice fish just not too many of them. Dave Carnefix is doing better with a pole and line.