Norfork Lake Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home In the Ozark Mountains (Click Here for Comments)

Marlene Stanton from Minnesota is still on the big fish.Image title

Another beautiful day here on good old Norfork lake. 70 degrees with sunny skies and wind from 10-15. We are to get an inch of rain tonight and we need it badly. We missed the last two. If you are having trouble catching fish follow these instructions. Put on clear light line and take off all hardware. Get out of bed in the morning and get to your prescribed destination before sunrise. That is before 7:30 Am. I will help you with the location when you get here. Next learn how to rig a 5-inch fluke or bass assassin with a weighted nose hook. I will help you with that too. Next learn how to work the swim bait. Keep the lure dropping as much as possible with your rod. Use this until the sun comes up and look for top water fish and keep your zara spook or spitin image handy when they start to come up. After they are down switch to a spoon or crank bait for bass. You can also use a creature bait like a crawdad with a jig head on the bottom during the day for walleye. Take the middle of the day off.  Go out about 5:pm and use the swim bait again until dark. Move to the striper spawning banks and fish with a stick bait until about 10:pm. Another way is to troll umbrellas over the schools of shad until you catch one. This takes experience and practice and is not good on your big motor but it works. Everyone that I know who trolls a lot has motor problems. If you want to not fish at night and sleep late please do not blame the fish. I cannot get them to bite on my schedule. They are there. Otherwise get up late and fish during the middle of the day and drink beer all night. That works for me but not for serious fishermen. When they say we went out about 9:am and threw everything in the tacklebox at them I can predict your results.  We need the rain to stir things up a little. The creeks are getting clear again. I am not on the panfish good yet but am working on it. A young lad caught a few crappie off the dock but not too many. Some of the big bluegill are there too but not many of those yet too. They will be. We feed them several times a day.