Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home in the Ozark Mountains Blog. (Click Here For Comments)

I went fishing yesterday and they were biting pretty good. About like it was about two weeks ago. The surface temperature was 51.4 and the level is still dropping and is at 545.18 and the creeks are a little bit clearer than the main lake. Both are at a good color for fishing. They are generating heavily now. I caught a very large bass that went over 5-pounds on my first cast and let her go immediately as she was full of eggs. I then caught several crappie. One was pretty big and the others were small and just over 10-inches. I put them and several minnows in the trophy pond. The largest one was over 2-lbs. The ambient temperature was in the low 40's but it was not too cold with no wind. I was glad to find some fish had moved back to the brush at 18-25 feet. I caught them about 10-feet down. Some fish came up to get the lure shallow. Our normal high temperature is 60 degrees and we have been no where near that. The weather forecasters have been about 8-10 degrees high on there high temperature and it has been cold. People reporting an early spring for fishing have been wrong too. We now have a lower surface temperature than this time last year when it warmed up fast to just under 50 early and then stayed there for a long time. We are not too dry here but the lake is dropping because they generate heavily every time there is even a chance of rain. I am not too much worried about the lake drying up as it is still 190 feet deep in places but you have to watch what you are doing when launching and navigating the lake.  It is to warm up steadily for the next several days with highs in the 70's for Monday. I am catching equal amounts of fish on the grub and live crappie minnows and am back on the mainlake brush on both points and cuts. Spoons are not working very well for me but I will try them in a few minutes. We are busy putting in new laminate flooring in several cabins and they sure look nice. It is just too difficult to get the stains out of carpeting no matter how new it is. I am through with carpeting and shingles. Spring is filling up fast with people taking advantage of our low prices on both cabins, boat rentals and free boat stall with your cabin rental. You can get a 1-bedroom cabin for $53/day for two people and get trolling motors included in the price for fishing pontoons. We will not charge you too much. We have no snow on the ground and the grass is green. The cold weather did hurt my fruit trees that were in bloom but it looks like that may be over today.