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Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

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The lake level is 551.18 and stable with no generation. The surface temperature is dropping with the cool weather and was 75.6 yesterday evening and there was vapor coming off the lake with the water temperature much warmer than the air. I do not like cold weather but I saw a guying water skiing with no wet suit. I though I was crazy diving with one on. It was a pretty good day fishing once the brush pile moochers get off Blackburns brush. Once they catch some fish they camp on them and fish it out. I just take a couple off and release most of them. Remember the posession limit is twice the daily limit. I gave a few to my friend Leonard who is unable to fish anymore and released the rest. I go for size and not numbers. Bink is really on the fish and catching good ones every day. He took out more of our guests yesterday and they had a great time.  Mike Eakle caught some good ones too and put them under Blackburn's dock. We have several customers in with about 1/2 of them fishermen. The rest are looking for real estate, building houses or visiting family that does not have enough room for them to stay or just passing through. If you are staying at a place where you are nearly the only customer you are paying too much. We will not charge you too much. It was good to see the Davis clan again Good people. This is their 19th year and they come twice a year. The same with Joe and Beverly Kiely. Long time friends.  Sorry about your boat cover. It does not look good for fall foliage with leaves just mostly turning brown. We have been running about 10-degrees below normal highs which are 73. The people wanting cold weather are getting their wish and they can have it. The grass is really growing.