Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 551.77 and is exactly what it was 24-hours ago with one hour of generation. This is at an excellent level and Blackburns brush piles are at perfect depths and holding more fish everyday. As I mentioned several days ago the fish are in a transition from being deep and lethargic, in open water on shad and moving to the brush near the bank. I will start for walleye on the flats in 20-25 feet of water while pole fishing and on brush on main lake points diving very soon. Some are on the points in 28-30 ft. of water now but not big ones.   The main lake seems to be clearing a bit as you can see your lure down a bit further. I will go scuba diving later and give you an exact condition on thermocline, clarity and fish location when we get a sunny day.  I have been crappie fishing the last few days and have been finding them everyday and in similar places on the main lake. The fish are right in the brush in 25-27 ft. of water. I am both spooning and using slip floats with minnows with more coming off the white Bink's spoon with the red eye 1/4 ounce. I have been snipping one ore two barbs off the treble hook to prevent lure loss because you have to drop the spoon deep into the brush. Do not do this in open water as it affects the lure presentation.  More and more are moving in everyday and some big ones too. I am setting my slip float, #4 red Mr. crappie hook, bobber stopper and bead at 20-ft. on 4-lb clear line. I switch back and forth from live bait and spoon when the action slows. Even doing this they are coming up for the lure.  They seem to start feeding best at 4PM. Out of my limit of 15 fish about 3 or 4 are very large in the 14-15 inch range and very fat. I am fishing no other places than Blackburns Brush very near Blackburns creek. 5-gal of gas lasts me two weeks and that is with a 175HP. gas hog. Those old Champion boats ride nice though. I am worried about the large striper population as too many small fish in the 5-7 lb. range are being killed. Bass population is good. You can still get a cabin here at Blackburns for $59/day including a free boat stall. Not bad. High pressure is moving in and we will see if it slows fishing for a couple of days. Maybe not. You can count on cloudy days with a little wind they will be biting. Surface temperature is 80 degrees in the afternoons.