Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

This and several more caught last night fishing with Bink. The night bite for stripers is in full swing. Image title

Tom Kelly with some very nice bass caught yesterday on the shakey head worm near brush in 20-ft. of water.Image title

The lake level is 554.50 and is exactly what it was 24-hours ago. The new news is they have opened 5 spillway gates 1-ft. to combine with the one generator that has been running for two days straight. I am happy about that.  The spillway gate release is equal to about 1/2 generator. You would think they would just run both generators and not waste the water and generate electricity and money especially since the level of the White River at Newport is now below 20-feet and can be allowed to go higher. They are also slowing the discharge there.  It is like every government run operation. Run it through the generators and give the money to disabled veterans. The nice weather and some sunshine has raised the water temperature to 56+ and it is to stay warm for a while and then get cooler again. I am surprised that there is not more temperature difference between the main lake and the creeks.  The lake is in excellent condition and fishing has picked up including the night bite for stripers and bass fishing. Several nice fish were caught yesterday and more this morning. Bass are near brush in 20-feet of water and nice ones too. Trolling umbrellas early morning is also catching some stripers. We will be mowing the grass soon. One bedroom cabins are still $59/day for two people and your first boat stall is free here at Blackburns. Why pay more? Some are raising their rates again starting this weekend and are more than $20 a day higher for a 1-bedroom and more for larger cabins. We do not.