Warm Weather

If you are getting another fishing report it is from the living room sofa. I saw no other boats and I went quite a ways. It was very still with glass-like conditions and very clear water. I could see my grub to down 10-feet. The water near the bank is also very clear. I could see the bottom from a boat stall on Blackburns Dock 16-ft. deep. Several of the creeks entering the lake from the south are iced over but there is none anywhere on the main lake. There has been no generation for the past 24-hours and the level is 552.41 and rising a little. The ambient temperature got into the middle 30’s and there was a little snow melt and the south facing hillsides are starting to clear. We are to get some more snow tomorrow and then in the 50’s next weekend. I caught two bass on the main lake and moved to brush on a creek and caught a few crappie for dinner. The bite was very slow and I dropped my glove in the water so I came in. I was just happy to be out and fishing the lake I love and watching the wildlife. I saw plenty and everything was very quiet.