Norfork Lake Conditions and fishing report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental Near Mountain Home (click here for comments)

This and several more caught on a Bink 1/8th ounce crappie spoon. Image title

The lake level is 554.90 and is dropping about 2-inches a day. Blackburns brush piles are at a perfect level and there are fish on them. The shorter days and cooler nights are finally dropping the surface temperature and it has dropped to below 80. Tom Kelly and John Bornhop caught some nice crappie yesterday. They always do. I went out for about an hour and caught four bass, one crappie and a big bluegill.  All went into the pond. Bink is catching some stripers again and several crappie. Walleye have slowed a bit but some are still coming in. It is very dry here. Fishing will get better and better until the lake turnover. It may be a slow process this year. When it happens the thermocline inverts and there is no reason for the fish to be in any special place except for cover and shad location. Clarity, temperature and oxygen level will be homogenous to several feet down. This is where brush pile location gives you an advantage. Wish more people would put them in. As the surface water cools after turnover fishing gets better again and November is a very good month. Come on down. 1-bedroom cabins are $53/day and you get a free boat stall with your cabin. All cabins have covered porches. Why pay more? 870-492-5115 It was good to see the Mowrers again. Nice family.