Norfork Lake Arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains region Fishing Report and Lake Condition by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

Scuba steve with the fish of the day yesterday. I like those crappie.Image title

The lake level is 558.48 and has risen 5-inches in the last 24-hours with no generation for over 24-hours. The White River at Newport is 25.07 feet and dropping slowly. They are not letting out much water anywhere and more rain is coming tomorrow and Thursday. Maybe they will let out some tonight but they generally stop generating when it rains.  The water is stained everywhere but is not muddy and the fishing is getting better. There is some debris in the Blackburns Creek area but it is not the big stuff. Everybody caught fish yesterday on Blackburns new brush piles and the best technique was to cast a jig or grub and minnow past the brush and let it sink into it. Spooning was not working. Crappie were the best bite but a few bass and a walleye were with them. I wanted to go fishing this morning but am still finishing up some maintenance on a couple of cabins and working on getting the big fleet of boats ready for rental. The resort comes before vacations and fishing but the place is looking pretty good if I do say so myself. I think you will like it when you get here and am sure you will like the price. One bedroom cabins continue to be $59/bay and the two bedrooms are $77/day and we are having no price increases again this year and a free boat stall still comes with your cabin rental. Some already have high prices and are raising prices again later this month. Blackburns are not. If you are in the area stop by for a visit and check us out unless you just like paying too much. I know I do not and do not appreciate people raising prices on me. I like the longer days and it gives me a chance to go fishing after 5:PM and still get in a couple of hours and more with the time change on March 12th. The longer days are good but I get mixed up on when happy hour starts. It looks to be a good year.