Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Just got in. Much of the ice that was around the backs of the creeks was gone. Should be finished by tomorrow. The lake level has dropped dramatically with heavy generation. It is like going to a restaurant and asking how do you like your steak: raw or burnt. Flooded or dry docked. It is now 546.30 and they cannot perform stupid minimum flow. The siphon is too low. If any body thinks it is not about the money go figure. We are where we need to be with plenty of surge for the spring. I think we need new lake management. This is a good level going into the spring. Spooning continues to be the best way to catch fish with trolling umbrellas next for temperate bass. Blackburns brush piles are just at a right level and are holding fish. Got some nice crappie and bass today and a few white bass but they do not count. Anybody can catch them. Some people doing fishing reports have not been here long enough to do so. I remember when Binks started the method of spooning and has continued to develope this spoon for all kinds of fishing. While all others were using live bait. Both work but do you want to go out at 4:Am and net shad, have 6-8 downriggers, troll around for hours until you finally go though a school of red meat fish and have all of your lines tangled and have a pole handed to you?. It is up to you. It does not matter to me. It was nice out today and fish were biting on the brush. Many people were slow coming around to spooning but are acting like they invented it. Weather looks good. Fish will be biting Saturday and Sunday. Stay out until it rains you out. You have to adapt. Good to be out there. Please do not tell me to go between the bridges like they always do when they cannot catch any fish in January. I catch good fish every day.