Norfork Lake Conditions and Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat rental On Norfork Lake

John Kahlenbeck with a Nice Striper. Him, Jim and Smiths Caught fish all week. Image title

Another Beautiful day in the Ozarks at Blackburns. Sunny and warm. it was cold Sunday morning. There were some good fish caught. I went out in the late evening to check out the night bite for stripers and fished until 6:30 and caught nothing after dark. The moon was big and high in the sky and it was bright out but no fish. Usually the walleye bite before dark and stripers after dark but not last night. That does not mean that is the case all over the lake because I only fish near Blackburns creek and do not normally need to go far. I use soft plastics early and switch to suspending stick baits after sunset. Between sunset and dark is my favorite time to fish. There were no fish on my favorite banks. They were there before the lake level came back up. The guys that caught stripers and hybrids yesterday caught them during the day on spoons. I will be spooning brush today. Bink is going out to check his part of the lake to pre-fish for his clients later this week. Kahlenbecks and Smiths just left and caught some good fish all week including a big walleye. They usually pick the night bite but not this year. I am not sure it is going to happen. Sometimes it does not. It always happens in the spring because they are simulating a spawn not just feeding like in the fall. When they are schooled on the flats they usually stay there for a while. Water temperature was 60 last evening and the level is 558+. The lake is clearing with the creeks perfect color for fishing. The level is too high for this time of year with more rain coming Thursday night.