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We have had several days of perfect weather with highs in the low 80's. It is to warm up again later this week to near 90. Our normal high is 88. I went diving yesterday and the thermocline has dropped a bit to about 29 feet with a surface temperature of 84. I saw walleye, largemouth, kentucky bass, white bass, carp and bluegill at 30-feet on brush but still no crappie. The thing that has changed is that there are many more bait fish on the brush than before and that is what is bringing the fish in. This usually happens in September. The mudline has virtually disapperared and the visibility is fair with little difference down to 40-feet. I only want to see as far as my speargun can shoot anyway. Too clear of water spooks the fish but we have not had that so far this year. The lake continues to rise very slowly with just a little generation and is at 554.28 with the level at Newport at nearly 20-feet I do not expect much generation from any of the lakes in the near future. The fish on the brush are getting bigger and this has not been the case before. The creeks are stained and go from clearing to stained overnight with no rain or runoff and then back to clearing again. I got my walleye yesterday back in the creeks a bit where the stained water meets the clearer water on brush at 29-32 feet. Almost all of the fish were at that depth and I checked above and below that. I am ready for the crappie to move in. Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental has 2-cabins still available for Labor day so please call Debbie at 1-800-635-0526 to avoid paying too much for both cabins and boats elsewhere. You can buy gas and food with what you save staying here or donate it to the good people of Louisiana flood relief. We do not charge for most boat stalls or trolling motors on pontoon boats. It adds up in your favor.