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It quit snowing about 4:PM when I went out. We got enough to cover the ground but not the roads. They were slushy but not slick. It was our first of the season. The first thing I noticed was that the surface temperature was 51.4 and the lake level was dropping. It is now at 545.66 and they are generating several hours a day heavily. The lake level was 8.61 feet higher on this date last year and the surface temperature was three degrees warmer. It is to get to close to 50 today and the sunshine is melting things rapidly and there should not be much left except the northsides of hillsides by tonight. It got down to 27 last night. This should bring my new grass seed up nicely but that is all the good I can say about it. The wind was very light after the snow and it did not feel too cold. I caught my usual bass and crappie and the overall fishing did not change. The warmup looks to come slowly and It might be a few days until the most of the bass move back in the creeks. There are some there now but not many. We will see what this sunshine does in a few minutes. It is not an early spring as far as fishing goes so use your early to Mid March tactics and if it does not get cloudy this evening there will be stripers on the bank north of Cranfield Island and on the flats near Quarry marina tonight with that big moon shing on them on the stick bait.  Some people say cast parallel to the bank but I prefer to stay as far from the bank as I can cast, crank down three or four turns and with the rod tip down reel slowly and steadily back to the boat. Try using the 5-inch or 5-1/2 inch with a light bottom and a blue or black back.  Rogue or Thunder Stick. Thunder sticks have better hooks. I am still using the small grub during the day tipped with a crappie minnow and a 1/16th ounce jig head. Works for me and has for years. Spring should be here as far as temperaturres are concerned by next weekend but come earlier in the week for the best fishing. I do not pay any attention to weekends but do not have to. Avoid the cold fronts and go a couple of days after the sun has shined for several hours/day and fish until it starts to rain or at least until the wind picks up and the clouds move in. Know the difference between a cold front and low pressure. You can E-mail me at or comment on this blog and I will try and help you. We want everyone to have a good time and not charge them too much.