Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home Blog. (Click Here For Comments)

The weather is hot and we are starting to get dry again. Everything is still green though and the garden and grass are still growing. The lake level is still stable at 552.68 which is at a normal level. The thermocline has dropped to 27-28 feet. Our normal ambient high is 91 and the surface water temperature is in the high 80's and is nice for swimming and boating. People are still catching fish in the mornings and evenings but I am finding very few fish on brush piles. Some bluegill and bass are in the deeper ones with a very few crappie with them. Bink is on the walleye and some very nice stripers are being brought in but not a lot. Spoons are the bait of choice. I am getting some walleye and a few crappie on mainlake points where they drop off at 32-feet and if there is brush there will be a few big bluegill and crappie. I am not seeing a lot of fish.Louis and Karen Lattray are back and Louis is catching some big fish as usual and is casting the spoon. They are nice people and are always welcome. The pool is the center of attraction with this weather and the people like the fact that it is so big and has a slide for the children. Make sure your resort has a pool before you book your trip. Some are very small. We just had a group from the campground try it again. The weather gets hot and there are storms and they do not want to sleep in a tent and try the same thing over and over. They go to a resort and book a 1-bedroom cabin and load the whole group into the cabin and use the bathroom, showers and pool and do not want to pay for their stay. This just happened again to Blackburns. A woman from the campground booked a room and then left her teenagers and their friends here unattended. We saw as many as 9-people leaving the cabin at one time in the morning and there were 6 cars parked in front. We do not allow more than 4 people in the cabin at a time ever. When she was called she would not answer her phone. They tried to leave in the morning to go on the lake and leave their stuff in the cabin and come back the next evening and say they do not have to pay because they did not sleep there that night. Their credid card was at it's limit and she had to go get money from town to pay for the last day. I do not initiate hostile action and would not have mentioned it but they deemed it necessary to write terrible reviews on the internet. We have hundreds of repeat customers who know the truth about this place and these do not affect us much but I like to respond. They were Andrew Gainer, Samantha Beilman and Pamela Beilman from 1816 East 55th Street Kansas City, Missouri 64130 and 636-497-0529. Beware all business owners and do not take their credit. They need to stay in a tent.

Lou Lattray with some of yesterday's Catch. Nice going Lou. Lou and Karen are from Baldwin, Missouri. Nice people.Image title