Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home in the Ozark Mountains Blog. (Click Here For Comments)

It rained hard yesterday afternoon for about an hour and I waited until about 3:PM before I went out. The creeks run hard.The lake level is now 553.3 and has risen 1.3 feet since yesterday and 1.74 feet since Friday morning. We received 1.8 inches Friday and 1.5 inches again this morning and late last night. It is cool now with temperatures near 50 with 70 scheduled for tomorrow. i caught a flathead on my trot line and several smallmouth on the mainlake river channel bank. All went into the trophy pond. I talked to John Gibbs while waitiing for the rain to stop and he and his friends are catching lots of fish. They were fishing main lake points with jerkbaits and crankbaits and the four of them caught about 60 fish including walleye, bass, crappie, striper and white bass. They always catch fish and come two or three times a year. Nice guys from Chicago. Blackburns is full today but give us a call Monday when we have some leave. It is a busy place here with people buying real estate, looking for real estate, building houses, working on construction, visiting relatives and fishing. it takes all kinds to stay full but the thing they all have in common is that they do not want to pay too much and they do not have to here. We will see what this cold front brings but the grass and flowers are sure growing. Lake surface temperature is 67 degrees.